Monday, January 5, 2009

catching my breath

The craziness of the last two weeks have finally subsided.  This past weekend Jackie and I stayed home...the first Saturday we spent out our place since November 22.  Just crazy.  We didn't do anything, and it was great in a lot of ways, nice to have a weekend at home just to kick back, relax, watch some movies, read some books, stuff I really enjoy doing.

The break over the weekend also provided an opportunity to take a deep breath and just kind of think and reflect on things, partly due to New Year's.  I've never been one for making a new year's resolution, but do enjoy the nice clean break the date can provide.  A marker separating the past from the future, which is probably why so many people make resolutions.  I guess I could do the same, but I like to avoid such specific declarations.  To be a bit introspective, there is so much that I could work towards being better at, that I may as well just resolve to be a better overall person, and worry about how the details and specifics fit into that later.  Another reason why I shun away from New Year's resolutions is that I think they are set up for failure, at least for me.  Envisioning making a drastic change, for whatever reason, at this point in my life, for an entire year, is a  bit overwhelming.  It seems better to make a daily resolution each day you awake, gives you increased focus on the daily choices you have to make to effectuate drastic change, and gives you plenty of redemption moments when you inevitably have a slip up or "fall off the wagon."  So I guess I can make the resolution to make daily resolutions, and see if overall self improvement follows.

There's more going on, and as usual, I could be better about posting things here, but often when you think of something to write you're not on the computer.  Anyway, just for the sake of loading pictures, as I mentioned previously, our mailbox got one of the times we were gone for Christmas.  So pictures of the old mailbox in all its bent and rusted glory, along with the new one, that Jackie and I endured 25 degree temperature to "install," driving it first into a partially frozen ground and then attempting to keep my hands warm enough to handle small metal screws to put the box on the post.  Just another joy of home ownership, having to handle all these little things when the come up.  (On one little last digression - its amazing to me that in the picture of the new mailbox, the weather looks so nice outside, yet its below freezing).