Friday, February 13, 2009

donkey basketball

Last night, the Middlebury PTO had a fundraiser called Donkey Basketball.  I guess from talking to some people like my Mom and some at work that this is common, or at least isn't new, but I've never heard of it before and so this was my first experience.  So Jackie and I headed to that last night and ended up have a pretty fun evening (small town fun!).  People ride donkeys in an attempt to play basketball.  You can only shoot from on the donkey, either the passer or the receiver has to be on a donkey, and you have to have the reins of your donkey in order to be able to touch the ball.  

Needless to say, all the games were very low scoring.  I think for the first five minutes I couldn't stop laughing, it was absolutely hilarious.  And it kept on for the entire evening, I haven't laughed that hard in awhile.  We got a ton of pictures of the evening, and also a few videos, and I thought I might try a first for me and see if I can upload the videos to here...

Friday, February 6, 2009


Kind of a funky week...because I was out of the office at the end of last week, the start of this week felt a bit hectic trying to catch up. Then I was out of the office again on Wednesday to go and visit my Dad in the hospital (he had part of his colon removed on Monday). Everything was good fortunately, and he's a good patient from what I hear. It was good to just be with him for several hours, as well as give my mom a break. He actually came home from the hospital last night, so things are progressing like they are supposed to.

Then it was back to the work week. Having a day "off" in the middle of the week always throws me for a loop, particularly because I tend to like a somewhat consistent routine day to day, week to week. Which leads to another reason why the week has been disjointed for me, I changed my daily routine yesterday and today. Usually I am up when Jackie leaves for work, get around and am into the office sometime between 7 and 7:30. But we were finding that this arrangement just left too much time for the puppy to be in her crate during the day before Jackie got home, meaning Jackie always came home to a bit of a mess. So we had to try and change things up. After some discussion, the most reasonable thing was for me to change my schedule (in part, because I can and she can't) and go in later. I liked going in early because it meant I got an hour in the office with no phones ringing or other distractions. I also got to leave a little bit earlier. Anyway, so now I go in closer to 10, and to regain my hour of quiet in the office, will stay to 6 or 6:30 or so.

It feels weird to be home right now. I need to learn how to use this time constructively. Yesterday morning I exercised (which was good). This morning, I am typing on here and made some phone calls I had to related to billing issues. I think it will continue to be a work in progress, and I wonder how long it will take before this routine will feel normal. As the puppy grows and her bladder gets bigger, I can move back. But considering that by that time I may be used to this routine, I need to concentrate on how to make this time better.

Wow...a little too much of my internal thinking "out loud" for a blog post.

In other news, one of the things I love about having a dog is that there is always someone happy to see when you get home. Half the time, soon as I open the door, Ellie comes racing across the house to greet me. Other times, when she was busy or didn't hear me, as soon as she sees me, she races over again. After days when its been stressful and there has been a lot on my mind (and I tend not to leave the office at the office very well at times), that immediate burst of joy she gives lightens me up and gets me into a great mood. (This is not to say that Jackie isn't happy to see me when I get home - but if she came racing across the house, it probably freak me out). Just one of the best things about having a coming home is a big deal.

Now, if she could just make it through an entire night without having to go out twice, she'd almost be perfect.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

traveling in bunches

Sometimes it seems like I pack all my travel into a short amount of time...and as very predictable, I end up being exhausted from it. Last Wednesday, Jackie and I headed to Union Pier, Michigan for my firm's annual retreat, at the Sandpiper Inn. All things considered, a good time. The attorneys in the firm end up working most of the day on Thursday doing our business planning for the entire year, budget review and planning, building issues, capital projects, the works. Its good to get all done in one meeting away from everything, but very tiring at the same time.  Anyway, in the evening we all (the partners in the firm and the spouses) go out and grab dinner, usually at a pretty nice place each evening.  It's always fun for me because I enjoy going to places I wouldn't normally go to.  This year we checked out a place called Timothy's and a place called Soe's.  Really enjoyed Timothy's, Soe's was good, but not as much fun.

After the retreat we headed across the State of Indiana to Fort Wayne to pick up the dog Ellie who was staying with Jackie's parents.  Picked her up, headed home, and in a couple hours headed out to some friends (in that couple of hours I got our taxes done for this year, I hate waiting to get those done - so I at least got that out of the way).  We were at Richard and Sara's house and visiting with them, their 5 week old baby Bennett, along with Todd and Jenn Frankowski (sp?), who I hadn't seen since college.  Fun night, good times catching up and just being with friends.

On Saturday we headed up to Lansing for my sister's birthday (which is actually today), and spent several hours up there.  Another enjoyable afternoon, got to spend more time hanging out with my nephew Gavin, and just seeing my parents and my sister is always nice.

But the crammed in traveling takes it toll.  Jackie came down with a cold on Wednesday and really hasn't had the opportunity to rest and help it get better because of all the traveling.  On Wednesday of this week I will be on the road again to Lansing to visit my Dad who has surgery on his colon tomorrow afternoon.  So it will be a crazy Wednesday to Wednesday for me, but hopefully after that things will settle down for a bit and Jackie and I can catch our breath, relax a bit at home, and continue to work on various house planning projects and get involved in various things in the community.  Being out of town a lot makes that more and more difficult.  Anyway, that's been the week, hopefully the upcoming week will be void of any huge surprises.