Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Banal and Trivial Post About Twitter

I've had posts in the past that have pontentially hinted at my ongoing struggle with Twitter (three here, and another here; thoughts about leaving Twitter, or how I can't, which goes back to the crux of how I constantly evaluate and re-evaluate how I use social media. Just over a month ago I suppose, I thought I might leave Twitter and see how things go. Part of my thinking was that, for the most part, most of my true social interaction with friends and family occurred on Facebook, if online at all, and so Twitter was somewhat superfluous. I used it primarily for news and information, and the numerous links that it provided for extra reading. But it had little impact.

What I quickly found out, as I have before and should know by now, is that I really enjoy, for lack of a better phrase, all that intake of information, as useless and overloaded as it may be. However, when I went back, I realized I committed a fairly dumb mistake, and actually deleted the account, as opposed to simply deactivating the user profile. After cursing myself for such an idiotic mistake (coupled with just how insanely banal all this is), I decided to simply create another account. In so doing, I also thought it might be interesting to see how my sharing habits would change if it was somewhat anonymous. After a month of thought about it, I don't imagine that there is much substantive change, just that I was more active than usual.

Anyway, as the little inset on the right suggests, I am active on Twitter again (under the very original handle of @drsdon2). My perspective towards it has changed somewhat - I am not looking at Twitter to be a means of social interaction. I find that such interaction is best left to either Facebook (simply because many friends and family actually use FB as opposed to Twitter), and primarily, to actual, real conversation. I think the Twitter thing has evolved for me to essentially be a combination of Google Reader and this blog. It replaces Google Reader as my primary source of information gathering and news intake, and it assists with the purpose of this blog, simply to be an outlet for expression and release of ideas and thoughts, so I don't stew about things (truly, I find that sending a "tweet" or writing here often prevents me from stewing and stewing...). If Twitter also happens to have some social interaction, its an added bonus again. But I think I have finally gotten comfortable with how I wish to use it, and feel somewhat more efficient knowing that I can cut out Google Reader from constant checking.

Well, so how about that for a banal and trivial post...

(and that's why its my space on the web ;))