Friday, July 8, 2011

Missing June...

Well, it appears I have committed a serious blog fail by not writing a single post during the entire month of June, and not its already a full week into July.  June, as well as so far this month, have been busy.  The summer is shaping up to be the summer of appellate briefs for me.  I spent the last part of May and the first part of June working on an appeal for a 3 day trial (1,000 page trial transcript).  After taking a week off to go camping with my family, I came back and started working on another huge brief (actually turned into the longest thing I've ever written), and finished that over this past holiday weekend.  My reward is to start working on a brief that is from a trial that was longer than the previous two.  I have to remind myself to keep some perspective, and to remember that being busy can be a good thing; and its not that I mind it, per se, its just that I find it harder to maintain a good balance when such happens, and I tend to like myself less when that happens.

Anyway, that's what's been taking up so much of my intellectual/computer energy lately and thus keeping me away from blogging anything.  Others things have happened, like the aforementioned camping trip, that would normally have been post worthy.  Maybe eventually I will get to that, as well as some other items on my mind.  But at least I don't have to worry about missing July on here ;)