Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More banality

Things just continue to roll along, and I often find myself waiting for something big to interrupt it, thinking that might provide something worthy to blog about besides my random thinking from whatever book I happen to be reading.  But, alas, I sometimes think that life doesn't quite work that way, leaving me with another banal post about comings and goings.

In any event, it was very nice to have a holiday weekend and the extra day off from work.  Since about June, work has been brutal, for a variety of reasons, and an extra day of respite from it was nice to have.  Over the weekend Jackie and went down to the Fort Wayne area for a wedding.  Nothing of note, but it was nice to see and spend a little time with her parents.  When we returned home, we had a nice day of just enjoying the fact that Monday was the usual Monday.  It was quiet, relaxing, and all around nice.  On Monday, I traveled to Coldwater, MI to attend the morning showing at a dog show that my sister was at with her new pup, Finnegan; an Australian Shepherd.  It was interesting - I enjoy experiences where there is new things to learn, and my sis was great at explaining certain items of how the show is conducted and judged.  It was great to see her really enjoying this hobby of hers as well.  Afterwards, I went with her, her husband, and my niece to grab some lunch before heading home.  Due to distance and various life circumstances, we don't see too much of each other, so it was a nice little visit.

Once getting back, we had an invitation to visit some friends for dinner (and a fantastic dinner at that - 1/3 pound hamburgers, excellent unique pasta salad - kudos to Richard & Sara for knowing how to entertain), and just some time visiting with them and their kids.  It capped a good weekend perfectly.

As I said, I sometimes find myself waiting for something big to interrupt the general, never ceasing flow of life.  I have to catch myself not to ignore the flow itself, because it has some pretty great moments, as this past weekend showed.