Monday, March 12, 2012

Beginnings of Adoption Journey

I keep meaning to post more "long" status updates here, but keep neglecting it.  Maybe someday I eventually write here as much I wish I would.  Anyway, here's such a post . . .

In one of my previous, varied posts, I briefly mentioned and intimated that Jackie and I, following the recent miscarriage in January, have talked about pursuing adoption.  Over the course of the past month or so, we have engaged in beginning that process by researching and contacting various agencies to see if there was one that was a good fit for us.

We requested information and made contact with somewhere between 5 to 10 agencies.    On many levels, it feels like our life over the past month (more so the first few weeks in February) was consumed with this paperwork.  At times, it was difficult to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  When we thought we were leaning towards a conclusion and answer for ourselves as to where to go, some other thought gave us pause, and consideration for more reflection.  We had extensive phone conversations with Lutheran Social Services in Fort Wayne.  We attended a seminar in Indianapolis (Super Bowl weekend no less) for the Independent Adoption Center.  This Wednesday, we are headed back to Indianapolis to attend a seminar for the Adoption Support Center.

Our hope, is that after this Wednesday, we will have the information we need to finally make a decision on which agency to work with to pursue an adoption as a means to grow our family.  I know that both Jackie and I are anxious to get this process started, for many reasons, but also to have something positive to work towards.  I wrote that the last year has been a difficult one for both of us as it has born many frustrations and disappointments, and many causes for reflection on what we want for our future, and our family.

Good things have eventually come from those trials, as we are both very excited about where this journey may lead us, the meaning it can provide for us, and the opportunity it presents us.