Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Update: An Adoption Tasks Week

I will get more consistent about writing status updates here, I will get more consistent about writing status updates here...maybe if I keep writing it I will actually fulfill that goal.  Maybe.

Anyway, this week Jackie is on spring break, and as opposed to going anywhere, Jackie and I are working to accomplish a myriad of tasks that are required for our adoption process.  Yesterday, we both went to the doctor's office for physical examinations.  I had successfully gone 23 months without any need of going to the doctor, but alas, that streak is broken.  Hopefully, I will continue to be fortunate with good health and be able start another streak. Today, we have appointments at two law enforcement agencies to have a criminal background check done.  Tomorrow, we finalize our life insurance with our agent.  And Thursday, we are back down to Indianapolis for an "office interview" with the adoption agency, which is the beginning step of their home study process.

After the whirlwind of these activities this week, it will feel odd as much of the work will be on hold for awhile until we can attend the "home study class" in May.  But it feels good to do this, just because it makes the process feel more real, with the sense that we are taking active steps in pursuing something very exciting.

It also reminds me of what I feel is a strength of our relationship, we're always a team.  There is a decent amount of paperwork to prepare and tasks to complete, scheduling quirks and other documents to review, but I know what Jackie is taking care of, and she knows what I am taking care of.  For both of us, if only one of us was trying to accomplish this stuff in the time we want to, it would be overwhelming.  But since we just easily slide into that team mode and take care of things together, and trust each other, it avoids the process becoming overwhelming, and allows us to continue to feel the excitement that the process should.

Just one more thing for which I'm grateful.